Story Arshi Ahmad-Aziz

Photgraphs Björn T.Bienert

Bericht über eine Reise durch die Bergwelt Pakistans mit vielen Fotos und tiefen Eindrücken.

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All journeys we take leave us with something. Often such a journey is so short, or merely routine,
so we do not notice all what it has left us with. Like the dust that settles on us as we travel, we
brush it off as we stride forward in search of new destinations. Every day is a new destination.
We do not really know what the next day will bring, yet often we face it as if we can actually predict
it. It was an interesting experience for me, this journey, of travelling with two people whom I did not
know, a mixture of business and pleasure. It (re)taught me many of life’s lessons, enabled me to revisit
the certainty of self-reflection.
I share some of these reminders to myself:
» That you can do
» That you are stronger than you thought you were
» That people live within their own values and judgments
» Living is a choice – choose it!
» That when push comes to shove, it is friends that matter
» That life is unpredictable – particularly the weather, and planes, and people.
» That you spend too much time watching TV
» That when we embark on a journey, sometimes the destination reached is different
to the one expected. Sometimes it is not different, there is more to it, or less…
» That explanations for things when they meet our preconceived ideas are all plausible.
» That really the only moment you live is the one you are in – the current moment
» That anything will only happen if you take a step forward. There is no other way.
» Stop thinking only of what you have to do, think also about who you are and what
you want to do
» Stop and smell the roses. Appreciate where you are, enjoy the moment.
» That you have to think, not avoid thinking about self as a mode of survival
» That you are not 25, but not 85 either!
» Natural beauty – God’s hand on earth’s canvas. Nothing compares or is as awesome

Ms Arshi Ahmad-Aziz has a passion for writing.
She is the author of several books and numerous
published articles. These include over 200 cover
stories written for Dawn Newspaper’s Review
She also contributed to and edited the book,
‘From Exxon to Engro’, (Oxford University Press
2005), and other books with social policy themes,
published in the UK. A training and organisational
consultant based in Karachi, Pakistan, Arshi has
conducted training programmes in the UK, UAE,
Bangladesh and Pakistan.
She leads The Institute of Training and Consultancy
(ITC), an organisation focussed on human resource
Arshi was brought up in the UK, where she lived
for 28 years. She is married with two children.


Björn T. Bienert is a trained industrial psychologist
and economist. He lived in Pakistan for four years
where he worked as the CEO of a German multinational
company. He has a passion for photography,
especially travel and street. He often travelled the
country on business or privately, in particular to support
aid projects in the aftermath of the devastating floods of
summer 2010. During his travels he discovered that one
of the many keys for understanding the processes and
social structures of the Pakistani society in Karachi, lies
in gaining insight in the life of the Pakistani rural areas.
As his term came to an end he moved back to the south
of Germany where he now lives with his wife.
In his active time he developed a number of different
training sessions – out of the box – together with Ms.
Arshi Ahmad-Aziz in order to practice and introduce
modern management and leadership concepts to his
team. Exchanging ideas with Arshi certainly fostered
his personal understanding of an Islamic business and
living environment.

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